April 9th, 2010 | by Lisa Dolan

What Not To WearLee Lee’s Valise featured on TLC’s “What Not to Wear” Friday, April 9th at 9:00pm EST

Watch as Miriam shops at your favorite boutique!

“Miriam a nudist who has just come out of a toxic relationship….. when she does decide to wear clothes they’re either baggy or shapeless…. Can Miriam find a hip, modern style that will help her to be taken seriously?”

Miriam managed to find several pieces that she really loved and she sent us a lovely email after the show to say how much she loved the “Lisa” wrap dresses. Thank you for the kind words.

TLC Website WNTW

Repeated at 11:00pm EST and 2:00pm on Saturday, Feb 20th

We were also featured last week when Leia danced in and chose our exclusive “Catherine” dress in the dragon print! We didn’t have a chance to send out an email before the show so we wanted to let you know that we will be on again this week!

A few words from Miriam:

I’m also having a viewing party tonight in the theater I’m currently acting in. We’ll be performing at 9pm, when the show airs, so they are letting me invite friends to view it in the theater at 9:30. Come and see the show I’m in, CALIGULA MAXIMUS at the La MaMa etc theatre (66 E. 4th St.) and use the code CMAX for a discount. You can stay after the show for the clothing-optional viewing of the episode in the same theatre! It’s gonna be a blast! I hope to see you!

Miriam Tabb
Actress and owner of Life Noted

February 26th, 2010 | by Lisa Dolan
WNTW Gina Jensen

WNTW Gina Jensen

“Moms around the world will take note once they meet Gina, the 38-year old, mom-jean wearing professor of nonverbal communication who has one of the world’s largest collections of mom-jeans. Will Gina finally learn that fashion can speak louder than words?” Watch as Professor Gina Jensen of St. Louis shops at your favorite boutique!

You saw her wearing The Catherine Dress in the Geometric Print during the show when she was talking with Stacy and Clinton. The dress was paired with Our Belt in black crocodile embossed patent leather and it  looked fantastic! Along with a few dressy clutches. One of them pictured above with her reveal outfit.

She also purchased the Annie Svoboda Jean and the Eddy cords! Her jeans looked great after tailoring to fit her petite shape.      Svoboda has new jeans in!    Check them out now!

August 27th, 2009 | by Lisa Dolan
Theresa Kubiak

Theresa Kubiak

It has been a great summer and to top it off Lee Lee’s Valise will be on “What Not to Wear” this Friday August 28th at 9pm on TLC (The Learning Channel). The subject was Teresa a cello player from upstate New York. Stacy and Clinton wanted to bring her to Lee Lee’s to find stylish clothes that fit, which is no surprise because that’s why you come to Brooklyn! You will recognize some of your favorites in the shop day two segment at the store including the green-leaf Milly Dress and the Diana top that so many of you have purchased this season. Be sure to go to the TLC website where they list all of the stores and the merchandise that they purchased during the show to see how they picked out so many of your favorite pieces.

The show will be repeated at 11pm and will be also be on Saturday at 2pm. So set your DVR’s and catch Lee Lee’s on “What Not to Wear.”

The Green Leaf Print is sold out….but other Milly dresses are available…and we are always making new ones in great prints!

milly greenleaf final

October 25th, 2008 | by Lisa Dolan

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What Not To Wear aired this episode Feb,2008 “A single Mom ready to get back into the dating scene!”

They were here again on Wednesday, December 12th and taped another episode that will air in the new year. (Aired in February 08) Stacy and Clinton and all of us at Lee Lee’s had loads of fun. Kathy from Norfolk, Virginia, found some wonderful outfits to match her purchase of nine pairs of shoes on shop day one!

When Stacy and Clinton arrived, Kathy was wearing a silver lurex/cashmere sweater with front pintucking!!! Loved it. I wish I had a picture of it to show you….but soon we will upload the actual show so that you can see it for yourself.

She purchased many Kiyonna items as well as a few pairs of Svoboda Jeans, a tailored teal winter coat, mixed pieces and accessories. This was the episode that was all about the “Anna Scholz Gold Coat”. It looks absolutely fabulous on her with the Kiyonna dress, her one of nine pairs of shoes (rounded toe retro shoes) and the Maxx New York Disco handbag.
You also got to see Lisa with her one line “Sure, Go Ahead!”. It was an exciting day!
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October 25th, 2008 | by Lisa Dolan

29 year old attorney Catherine. She is about to be sworn into Federal Court but the jury is still out on that wardrobe! Catherine had just lost 100 pounds but her bulky clothing is just hiding her new shape!

The best was seeing her in the Olivia Harper Stretch Silk Multi Wrap Top paired with her new Svoboda “Cate” Wide Leg Premium Jeans…and our sunglasses. She walked in that room with total confidence!! So proud…so proud!!!
She went crazy in our shop. She purchased a few pairs of Svoboda jeans, tons of tops and dresses and went wild with accessories! She was so much fun, too. What a great perspective on life this Catherine had.

We finally got the What Not To Wear clip of Catherine from NYC! Watch it Here!

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Stills from the WNTW clip and pieces from Lee Lee’s Valise!

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October 4th, 2008 | by Lisa Dolan

Episode Blurb: “Cheyenne is a single 33 year old CPA who works for Bridge to Success, a non profit organization that helps unemployed job seekers in the Chicago area get assistance with refining their wardrobe and interview skills to improve their chances of acquiring work. Unfortunately, Cheyenne’s casual style of dull pantsuits has her bosses afraid she needs their help more than their clients. Clinton and Stacy try to help Cheyenne find her own professional look & how to dress her age to look her best for her fabulous thirties.”

Lee Lee's Valise WNTW July 2008

Lee Lee's Valise WNTW July 2008

Lee Lee:
Cheyenne was a very personable and knowledgeable subject who had a blast shopping with Stacy and Clinton. She had a great amount of patience because it is a long and evolved process filming the show. As she had posted on the WNTW Message Board, they tape for days to come up with one hour of footage for the show. We were ecstatic at how our store looked in this episode.

Cheyenne tried on several dresses, jeans and tops from the store. She purchased pieces from Anna Scholz, Trouser Jeans from Jessica Svoboda and a silk blouse from Olivia Harper, which we have currently in stock. She also purchased several accessories including the handbags and jewelry from LY Designs (that will be available online shortly) that she used for the reveal outfits with Stacy and Clinton. The large totes also will be available online soon.

The show was taped in July and many of the items have been sold since then. They did tell us that the show was going to air in October so we dressed all of the mannequins with our Fall Lines that are available both in the store and online.

If you looked closely at the clips of the shop you will see several pieces from “Anna Scholz’ Fall Line”: The Snake Print Silk Wrap Dress near the large mirror, The Bird Print Silk Skirt with the Croc Trench coat. We also featured one of our new premium vendors “DeSentino”: The Suit near the large mirror with a silk Olivia Harper Blouse. In the actual episode Cheyenne tried on several dresses from “Donna Ricco” (the polka dot halter – we still have a few of those) which had a fit that was perfect for her shape. She also looked wonderful in several pieces from “Gayla Bentley” (who will be here at Lee Lee’s Valise on Saturday November 1st for her trunk show…don’t miss this….I’m giving you a heads up!)

Anna Scholz Snake Print Silk Wrap Dress

Anna Scholz Snake Print Silk Wrap Dress

Anna Scholz Coat/Olivia Harper Silk Blouse

Anna Scholz Coat/Olivia Harper Silk Blouse